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Welcome to Tarot Solutions!

What if you could have a portable guru that could help you make decisions for your life and business?

Right now you’re feeling confused, and afraid to take the next step in your life, your relationship, or your business.  You stay awake at night agonizing over each option, feeling more and more trapped by indecision.  Or maybe you have made a decision, but that annoying Fran Drescher-ey voice is LOUDLY telling you what a stupid idea that is, and that you’ll never amount to nothin’.

You somehow need to cut through the noise that surrounds you and creeps inside your head, paralyzing you in indecision. You want to really hear that voice inside you, the one that says kind things, and shows you the right way down that path in front of you.  

Remember that voice?  It’s still there.

Hey, I hear you, I have been on that hamster wheel of indecision more times than I care to count!


LJhair cropI am Lisa Jemus and I created Tarot Solutions because I believe we are all works in progress, with unlimited potential and possibilities, but that most people are struggling to bust through their own self limiting beliefs.  I help you to use Tarot as a form of Life Alchemy.  

Just as the alchemist transformed lead into gold, we use the ancient tool of the Tarot to transform your life. To re-align Self-with-Soul.  Tarot as a tool accelerates your understanding of yourself.  And taps into the very source of your own ancient wisdom. 

Turn up the volume on your Inner Guru.  

I do tarot readings for creative types and entrepreneurs to help them find insight, clarity and guidance, but what I really do is inspire people to become involved advocates in their own lives and business.

Get crystal clear REAL QUICK with a reading.

Put clarity and powerful guidance in your back pocket.

I‘m telling you right now – Tarot works.  

If your greatest desire is to be able to tap into your intuition and use it as a guidepost for your life and business decisions, big and small, you’re in the right place.

There’s something super cool that happens after you get a reading and open yourself up to the Tarot Alchemy experience.

You see, shit starts to reveal itself to you.  Freaky “coincidences” start to happen.  That little voice that resides inside your head starts to chirp up a little more often, giving you nudges to your own personal greatness.

Nudges to your bold, free, authentic bad-ass self and a biz and life that reflects who you really are.

Using Tarot as a deeply sacred ritual or a whimsical constant companion, the choice is yours.  Don’t waste another second of your one precious life in endless rumination.  Using Tarot is like a map to a magical life.  A life where every right path gently unfolds in front of you.  Doors open wide to your destiny. And you will have the confidence in knowing you can really trust yourself fully.

I’m glad you’re here.  Let’s do this thing.

For more on readings, workshops, coaching and all of the yumminess I offer, visit my website right here! 

I’m so glad you’re here!

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